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Matcha madness, Senmei Tea, Hong Kong.

Matcha crepe @ Harajuku with Tsuki   by ChocoMatch
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Matcha Midi Pocky.  YUM! Don’t know why it says chocolate…
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通圓 抹茶ソフト by GenJapan1986 on Flickr.
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Matcha mango rosette tartlet by honey drizzle on Flickr.
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Matcha Waffle by Katie Fujihara
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Anonymous asked:
Hello! I was wondering where you get your matcha? Do you purchase it online?

I get my matcha powder from the local japanese grocery store.

The posts from this blog make me hungry and to think I've already had tea 3x today! Thank you for sharing. - From an unabashedly teaddicted, teaholic :).

Glad you liked my tumblr :)

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